Dental Bridges

Dental Bridge IllustrationDental Bridges are a traditional way of treating missing teeth, which can cause problems with speaking, chewing and keeping your mouth healthy. If you’ve lost one or more teeth to accident or disease, replacing those teeth will help you look and feel better. While dental implants are a better choice for many patients, those with loss of bone in the jaw or other oral health concerns may benefit from a traditional dental bridges. Traditional bridges use crowns on your existing teeth to anchor the bridge in place. Also known as fixed partial dentures, these permanent bridges restore chewing power, remain in your mouth and give you the confidence to smile again. 


The Right Solution

If you are missing one or more teeth, Dr. Schraw will need to take a look inside your mouth to determine the best solution for your individual treatment plan. In many cases, Dr. Schraw may recommend an implant rather than a bridge. Once Dr. Schraw has had the opportunity to better understand your personal situation, she’ll be able to determine the correct tooth replacement method for you.  The result will have you enjoying food and smiling again.

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