Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric DentistryProviding Kids with Quality Dental Care!

At Smiles by Design, we believe that kids deserve the same quality dental care as adults. From an initial inspection of infant teeth to cleanings; sealants and; if needed; fillings, Dr. BriAnna Schraw can handle all your pediatric dentistry needs.

A Comfortable Place for Kids.

Visiting a dentists office for the first time can be scary for children, so we do our best to make them comfortable even before they walk in the door the first time. Use our virtual tour to familiarize them with our Old Charleston-themed office or visit our kids’ stuff area below for links to games and kid-friendly information about teeth, brushing and flossing and more. When you visit Dr. Schraw takes a gentle approach with children, encouraging them to build good oral health habits for a lifetime, including regular brushing and flossing.

Pediatric DentistMaking Dental Care Easier for Parents.

At Smiles by Design, we value your time. We know that starting appointments on time is especially important when kids are involved. We’ll always do our best to minimize your wait.

Early morning appointments help reduce missed time in the classroom.

We also make caring for your children’s teeth more affordable. We are network providers for a number of dental insurance plans and will file most other insurance claims for you. In addition, should your children need more advanced restoration, financing is available through CareCredit.


Questions About Your Child’s Dental Care?

When to start children with dental care?

Here at Smiles by Design, we like to see your baby about the time they get their first tooth so we can help you care for your child’s teeth properly from the beginning. This allows us to:

  • Prevent Decay
  • Save You Money and Your Child Treatments because of early prevention
  • Help your child form a healthy, life-long habit of going to the dentist without fear

You may have other questions about dental care for your children. You can find a lot of other answers about dental care here on our website in our dental information center, many of which apply to children’s teeth as well as adults.

Dental Related Games and Activities for Kids

Alright kids! Get your parents’ permission and HAVE FUN!!!

Play Cool Games and Do Fun Activities

Sesame Street: Healty Teeth, Healthy Me (Videos, Games and more! Appropriate for ages 2-5)
Colgate© Web Site (Online Games, Puzzles, Coloring and more! Age appropriateness varies)
American Dental Associations© Web Site (Games, fun and more! Age appropriateness varies)

Watch Interactive Presentations

American Dental Association© Web SiteLearn about caring for your teeth (all ages)

Disclaimer for Parents

Smiles by Design and Dr. Schraw do not control and are not responsible for the contents of other web sites that are linked to from the “Kid’s Stuff” page. Although the web sites linked to appear to be generally kid-friendly, we do not officially endorse or promote any content (text, graphics, or otherwise), nor can we be held responsible for any content that visitors leaving may encounter on these sties or other sites that are linked to from them. We encourage parents to supervise their children’s use of the internet when linking to these other pages from the “Kid’s Stuff” page. For any dental care matters, it is wise to check the information you find with Dr. Schraw.