White Fillings

At Smiles by Design we only restore your smile using composite resin white fillings. Many dentists still use amalgam (the silver colored metal fillings), which has some advantages in terms of strength and longevity. However, amalgam has a couple of weaknesses. Because it is metal, it expands and contracts a small amount with temperature changes. You might not notice it, but the small changes in size can cause small cracks in your tooth that can let bacteria in and form recurrent tooth decay. Sometimes, teeth with these amalgam-created fractures will be damaged badly enough that a root canal will be necessary before your tooth can be properly restored. Secondly, amalgam is not very attractive. The composite resin and porcelain fillings we offer match the natural color of your teeth as closely as possible to make it much less noticeable that you’ve had restoration work done.

Benefits of White Composite Fillings

White resin composite fillings are a great balance in terms of looks and cost for filling materials. Over the years, these white composite fillings have become stronger and more durable. The most obvious benefit of using white composite fillings is that the white color helps the fillings blend in to your teeth, so they are not obvious when you talk or laugh. However, there are other benefits as well. Filling a cavity with a composite resin actually allows us to remove less of your natural tooth than using amalgam would. And, because the material is not metal, it helps greatly reduce the chances that your filling will cause long-term sensitivity.

Ceramic Fillings Are Another Solution

Ceramic fillings are another option. They are made of porcelain and have some benefits over composite fillings.

1.     The actual filling material is much harder and resistant to wear than composite fillings.

2.     Ceramics allow for excellent color matching even more so than composite resin fillings.

Depending on the size of the filling and where it is located, a ceramic filling might be a great choice for you. Depending on where your restoration is in your mouth and a few other factors, we may be able to complete your ceramic filling in one visit. In those cases when you come in for treatment, we’ll remove the decay from your tooth and then take a special photo of your tooth. Our CEREC machine uses this image to create a filling that fits your tooth in about 20 minutes. Once the filling is created, it is bonded in place.