Free Teeth Whitening for Life*

Teeth whitening photo with yellower teeth on the left and whiter teeth on the right.

How it Works

Smiles by Design is your home for Free Teeth Whitening for Life*. All you have to do is maintain your regular dental appointment schedule and we’ll keep your teeth white for as long as you are a patient.

Schedule an Appointment

Just schedule your regular cleaning appointment. Or if you have other dental work you need done, like a filling or a crown, schedule that.

Get Your Trays Made

teeth whitening tray with teeth whitening gel.

We’ll create your free trays at your appointment and provide you with a tube of whitening gel.

Whiten Your Teeth at Home

Man with teeth whitening trays in his mouth for home teeth whitening.

Take your trays and gel home and follow the directions to whiten your teeth. Every time you return for your routine 6 month cleaning, you’ll receive another tube of whitening gel so you can maintain your smile.

Show Off Your Whiter Teeth

Woman smiling after whitening her own teeth.

Show the world your new whiter smile and take care of your teeth until your next visit. Free teeth whitening is that easy.

Need Faster Whitening? We Also Offer Zoom!

Learn about 1 hour whitening.

* Patients will receive a set of whitening trays at their first cleaning or restorative appointment and tube of whitening gel for home use. To receive additional whitening gel tubes, the patient must maintain timely cleaning appointments approximately 6 months apart. Patient must be 16 years of age or older to qualify. Split image showing teeth whitening has been simulated.