TMJ and Tooth Grinding Treatment

TMJ, Migraine, and Tooth Grinding/Clenching TreatmentTMJ, Tooth Grinding/Clenching and Migraines

TMJ, Tooth Grinding, Tooth Clenching and Migraine Headaches can all be painful and difficult to treat disorders. Problems may be related to each other, such as tooth grinding or clenching causing TMJ pain and migraines.

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TMJ Treatment

TMJ, sometimes called TMD is painful and can make simple things like talking or chewing difficult. Commonly, TMJ is treated with pain relievers, anti-inflammatory drugs, splints or physical therapy. In cases where traditional TMJ treatments don’t work, there is a new treatment option available.

Tooth Grinding/Clenching (Bruxism)

Tooth grinding can be a serious dental and health issue. Tooth damage, headaches and TMJ may all be the result of tooth grinding. Traditional Treatment options for tooth grinding/clenching (also known as Bruxism) are somewhat limited. Most commonly, patients are asked to use a bite guard at night which prevents the teeth from grinding together, but doesn’t prevent pain from clenching of the jaw. Dr. Schraw is now offering a newer, but scientifically proven method for reducing pain and damage from Tooth grinding.

Migraine Headaches

While migraine headaches are not often considered a dental problem, tooth grinding, TMJ and additional dental related problems may contribute to regular migraine headaches. Dr. Schraw can provide treatment which may relieve your migraines.

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