Dental Technology

Dental Technology including CEREC
CEREC allows us to create same day crowns.

At Smiles by Design, we are constantly working hard to stay on top of the most recent changes in dental technology. Many of the technologies that have been developed in the past several years have the benefits of reducing the number of appointments you may need to complete any dental work needed. Our goal in using technology is always to make your experience better and safer. Technology helps us to:

  1. Minimize dental visits
  2. Improve disease detection
  3. Reduce healing time when procedures are needed
  4. Improve the look of your teeth and smile better than ever before

Smiles by Design is currently equipped with the following state-of-the-art technology:

Cerec Dentistry in Fort Mill, SCCerec Technology (for same-day crowns and fillings)

You may have heard about CEREC in the most recent radio commercials. While CEREC is no longer new, it still represents a time-saving technology, which allows us to complete your crown or ceramic filling in as little as one visit. We take a special photo of the inside of your mouth and then our milling machine creates a ceramic crown or filling in less than an hour.

Digital X-rays and Intraoral photography

dental x-ray

For over 100 years, X-rays have played an important role in dentistry. Digital x-rays are now the standard in dental offices as they offer a number of advantages over film.

  • Lower Radiation Exposure
  • Easy Historical Comparisons
  • Quick Viewing
  • Easy to Share with other Professionals

The National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurement says dental x-rays account for less than 1% of our exposure to radiation. With digital x-ray systems and the precautions we take, x-rays are pretty safe.

Sirolase Laser (for tissue recountouring and crown lengthening)

Use of a laser in certain dental procedures is a less invasive way to solve many dental problems. Lasers generally help prevent infection better and reduce healing time and pain. We use the Sirolase primarily for recountouring of the gum tissue around the teeth and when we are doing crown lengthening.

CAESY patient procedure education tutorials

When you need something more than just a routine cleaning and exam, we have both printed and online video information to help explain your upcoming procedure. This will also help you with anything you may need to do to prepare for the procedure.

VELscope oral cancer screening system

Many patients don’t even realize that we do visual screenings for oral cancer during routine oral exams. If we spot something unusual or you tell us you are a tobacco user or have another risk factor for oral cancer then the VELscope gives us a way to detect possible cancer that may be hard or impossible to spot with the human eye alone.

One-visit Whitening

Teeth whitening used to take weeks of using bleaching trays, but now we can give you advanced whitening results in about an hour appointment.