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No one really knows why migraine headaches strike. But, when they do, you need migraine headache relief. Migraines can force you to put your day on pause, take medication, and hide in a dark, quiet room, wishing the pain would go away. Some migraine headaches can be dental related. These include tooth grinding/clenching and TMJ or TMD, which is why dentists are now getting more involved in providing relief for chronic migraine headaches.

Common TMJ & TMD Symptoms

Unexplained Ear Fullness

Patients that experience ear fullness often describe it as either increased pressure in the ears or a feeling of stuffiness in the ears. While many causes of ear fullness are fairly easily diagnosed and treated by a qualified ear, nose and throat doctor, there are still “mystery” cases where there is no obvious inflammation or obstruction in the ear. The answer may be TMJ. Problems with your jaw can cause a variety of symptoms which you might not think have anything to do with TMJ. Ear fullness is one of these symptoms. The eustachian tubes that allow fluids to drain from your ears to your throat can be impacted by TMJ. Treating you for TMJ may provide relief from unexplained ear fullness.


If you have a ringing, roaring or clicking sound in your ears that won’t go away, you’ve likely been diagnosed with tinnitus. Tinnitus is often considered a neurological problem because most of the time there is no physical obstruction or problem that is creating the noise. This problem has historically been difficult to treat and there are no medications specifically for tinnitus. However, there are connections between tinnitus and TMJ. Many patients that have tinnitus have been successfully treated with treatment for TMJ.


Dizzy? That spinning sensation may be caused by a number of problems, including infection. Like the other problems above, vertigo is closely related to the ears and can be difficult to treat. Sometimes the reason is that the vertigo is another surprising symptom of TMJ. The ears and jaw are closely connected which is why TMJ can cause so many unexpected symptoms like dizziness, even if it doesn’t cause jaw pain.

Treatment Options

If you are suffering from any of these ear-related symptoms and doctors have ruled out infection or other causes, then it is time to explore relief from TMJ treatment. We use a mixture of traditional and advanced therapies with the goal of relieving your symptoms and getting you back to your normal life.

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