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Migraine Headache Treatment

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No one really knows why migraine headaches strike. But, when they do, you need migraine headache relief. Migraines can force you to put your day on pause, take medication, and hide in a dark, quiet room, wishing the pain would go away. Some migraine headaches can be dental related. These include tooth grinding/clenching and TMJ or TMD, which is why dentists are now getting more involved in providing relief for chronic migraine headaches.

Breakthrough Migraine Headache Treatment

What if you could prevent some of your migraines from happening? That may sound too good to be true, but if you suffer from headaches 15 or more days each month that last four hours or more, there’s a relatively new treatment option available. That treatment is Botox®, a drug better known for use in wrinkle reduction. The FDA approved the use of Botox as a chronic migraine headache treatment in 2010 after studies showed it reduced the number of monthly migraines in those with chronic migraines.

How Does Botox® Prevent Migraines?

Botox is used as a preventive migraine headache treatment that will need to be re-injected every 3-6 months. In general, Botox acts as a muscle relaxer, so treatment will help release muscle tension in the head and neck. However, since scientists don’t really understand why people suffer from migraines, it is also unclear exactly why Botox injections help. What we do know is that scientific studies have shown Botox to reduce the number of days with a headache for those with chronic migraines.

Migraine headaches can be debilitating

Why See Dr. Schraw for Migraine Headache Treatment?

Dr. Schraw has undergone specialized training and is now an instructor for the American Academy of Facial Esthetics in the use of Botox to treat chronic facial and head pain. A variety of dental problems can be the cause of headaches, so it makes sense that a dentist can play an important role in relieving the pain and suffering migraines cause. Because they work extensively with your mouth, dentists are very knowledgeable about the muscle, bone and skin structures of the face and head. Dr. Schraw’s experience with traditional dentistry also makes her an expert at placing injections in these areas. Let Dr. Schraw help you take back your life from headache pain.